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vid, vid.. ne citam.. ja sam jos na 7.56..

NOKIA SL3 Unlock
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Old 19th February 2012, 12:18   #92
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Total Commander 8.0 public beta 20 (32/64)

17.02.12 Release Total Commander 7.57 release candidate 2
16.02.12 Fixed: Move file with F6 - F2 to a directory which didn't exist yet -> focus could get lost
14.02.12 Fixed: Follow again links when searching, copying etc. and the link target cannot be determined, it was causing problems to a user

Download 7.57 RC2

17.02.12 Release Total Commander 8.0 public beta 20 (32/64)
17.02.12 Fixed: Compare by content dialog not shown correctly with right to left language when starting with 2 panels above each other (64)
16.02.12 Fixed: Move file with F6 - F2 to a directory which didn't exist yet -> focus could get lost (32)
16.02.12 Fixed: Shift+Tab in left panel with no separate tree panel -> input went to right drive list by mistake (64)
15.02.12 Fixed: TC wasn't following hard links (junctions) any more which were located on a remote network drive (32/64)
15.02.12 Fixed: Compare by content: Turn off drawing while pasting a large amount of data (more than 1 kByte) (32/64)
14.02.12 Fixed: Save search results: Overwriting a saved search would list the item twice if there were accents in the name (64)
14.02.12 Fixed: Only partially: Ctrl+A in command line after choosing item from auto-suggest would not select anything. Note: Due to some obscure Windows bug, the command line may be emptied by Ctrl+A (32/64)
14.02.12 Fixed: Printing and print setup not working in Lister and Print directory list when printer name contained accents (64)
14.02.12 Fixed: tcuninst.exe didn't remove the newly added unrar9x.dll (32)
10.02.12 Fixed: Internal associations and color dialogs were too small (but could be resized) (64)

Download 8.00 beta 20
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Total Commander 8.0 public beta 21 (32/64)


22.02.12 Release Total Commander 8.0 public beta 21 (32/64)
22.02.12 Fixed: Unpacking from CAB file with active quick filter (Ctrl+S) could unpack some of the hidden files too (32/64)
22.02.12 Fixed: Main menu with themes turned off: Use colors COLOR_MENUTEXT and COLOR_MENUBAR instead of button colors for owner-drawn menu (flat menus only) (64)
22.02.12 Fixed: Start tcmadmin.exe with "runas" verb on Vista and newer to ensure that it's loaded with admin rights (32/64)
21.02.12 Fixed: When deleting to recycle bin with the new delete method, TC reported a non-empty directory also in case of hard links (although it would just delete the link, not the files inside) (32/64)
20.02.12 Fixed: Lister started with zero width/height if the user didn't save the size in older beta versions (64)
20.02.12 Fixed: Clear USB HDD detection cache only when receiving volume arrival or removal notifications, not on any WM_DEVICECHANGE (32/64)

Total Commander 7.57 final
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Total Commander 8.0 beta 22

Total Commander 8.0 beta 22

02.03.12 Release Total Commander 8.0 public beta 22 (32/64)
02.03.12 Added: (Experimental) Change font for tooltips separately: wincmd.ini, resolution-specific section, FontNameTip, FontCharsetTip, FontSizeTip and FontStyleTip (TC uses the dialog box settings if these are not present) (32/64)
02.03.12 Added: Options to set format of WM_GETTEXT result (for screen readers): wincmd.ini [Configuration] GetTextMode=0: Delimiter: 0: space, 1: tab, 2=<cr> 3=<cr><lf> 4=like 2 5=like 3. 4&5 show fields with column headers (tab-separated), e.g. Name:<tab>Filename<cr>Size:<tab>10k (32/64)
01.03.12 Fixed: Inactive focus rectangle not redrawn correctly when user closes inplace rename edit box by clicking in other panel (32)
01.03.12 Fixed: When starting TC maximized, extensions could be shown attached to names by mistake because the calculation returns -1 for the name column width, which means directly after name (32/64)
29.02.12 Fixed: Installing a plugin a second time didn't find the previous installation if the existing plugin path contained an environment variable (32/64)
29.02.12 Fixed: FTP: Displayed file sizes invalid (far too large) when using a template (64)
29.02.12 Fixed: When uninstalling 64-bit version, UNRAR9X.DLL from a 32-bit version in the same directory wasn't removed. Cannot remove 32-bit links because they may be pointing to a different directory (64)
29.02.12 Fixed: Use timer to show inplace edit box in synchronize dirs in a similar way to the main program, otherwise double clicks do not work always (32/64)
29.02.12 Fixed: Ctrl+Enter still selected the entire command line when it had the focus AND Ctrl was released before the Enter key (64)
29.02.12 Fixed: Packer plugin configuration dialog: Show "File x not found" error when the user enters a non-existing plugin name manually (32/64)
29.02.12 Fixed: Don't set cursor in source window when user closes inplace rename box by clicking in other panel (64)
28.02.12 Added: Log function for icon thread: wincmd.ini [Configuration] DebugIconThread=1 to allow test why icon extraction or dir size calculation hangs (=2 for more details) (32/64)
26.02.12 Fixed: Changed Lazarus code to draw menu bar background area correctly (just the empty area) (64)
26.02.12 Fixed: Menu background was drawn incorrectly with classic theme (64)
26.02.12 Fixed: Menu wasn't drawn disabled with classic theme when TC/Lister didn't have the focus (64)
26.02.12 Fixed: On some computers, changing themes causes problems with main menu bar (menu items have 0 width) -> try to call DrawMenuBar with a timer, also try normal width if theme width returns 0 (64)
26.02.12 Fixed: Inplace rename edit box in sync tool was using the wrong colors (instead, use standard window text and background) (32/64)

Total Commander 7.57a rc 1

28.02.12 Release Total Commander 7.57a release candidate 1
28.02.12 Added: Log function for icon thread: wincmd.ini [Configuration] DebugIconThread=1 to allow test why icon extraction or dir size calculation hangs (=2 for more details)
26.02.12 Fixed: Use old function to check for infinite loops in Alt+Shift+Enter function (count directories), it may be responsible for the failing of the function
26.02.12 Fixed: Selecting text with the mouse in compare by content no longer worked
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Old 22nd April 2012, 12:13   #95
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Total Commander 8.0 beta 25

Total Commander 8.0 beta 25

13.04.12 Release Total Commander 8.0 public beta 25 (32/64)
13.04.12 Fixed: Synchronize dirs by content: In the footer, sizes >2TB could not be shown (32/64)
11.04.12 Fixed: On screens with high DPI settings, the copy progress dialog, overwrite dialog and custom message dialog were incorrectly scaled (64)
11.04.12 Fixed: Right click on empty area in file lists could cause access violation in file system plugins or archives. In plugins, just show "Properties" menu item (32/64)
11.04.12 Fixed: Lister plugins: ListNotificationReceived did not pass WM_NOTIFY messages to the plugin (64)
10.04.12 Fixed: ZIP packer, archives >4GB: The size field of the central directory header was wrong (misunderstanding of specs). No problem with Winzip/WinRAR, only 7Zip+DOpus (32/64)
06.04.12 Fixed: Sort directories - unsorted not working correctly after counting size with space bar (32/64)
06.04.12 Fixed: Lister, RTF view: Switching word wrap on or off removed all text formatting (64)
06.04.12 Fixed: File list: Do not show square bracket "]" at the end of a directory if they are turned off, but the directory name itself ends with one (32/64)
06.04.12 Fixed: Lister didn't handle the "L" key (fit only larger image to window) when a plugin was active (32/64)
06.04.12 Fixed: Help: Removed text saying that the wincmd.ini is in the Windows directory (which is no longer the case) (32/64)
06.04.12 Fixed: Some jpg files could cause an SSE floating point exception in Microsoft's PhotoMetadataHandler when deleting with VistaDelete method -> turn off SSE exceptions (32/64)
06.04.12 Fixed: Button bar: ENTER on button containing OPENBAR command -> focus went back to file lists by mistake (32/64)
30.03.12 Release Total Commander 8.0 public beta 24 (32/64)
30.03.12 Added: wcx_ftp.ini [General] DecodePercent=0: If set to 1, decode %hex values in user name/password in URLs (32/64)
30.03.12 Added: wincmd.ini [Configuration] SubdirCopyOrder=4 sets order in which files in subdirs are copied: 4=unsorted (default), 5=like active panel (no custom columns), 0..3 ascending by name, ext, size, date, -1..-4 descending by name, ext, size, date (32/64)
30.03.12 Fixed: On Windows 8 consumer preview, Metro apps have strange DefaultIcon entries which couldn't be loaded -> use SHGetFileInfo (32/64)
29.03.12 Fixed: Some jpg files could cause an SSE floating point exception in Microsoft's PhotoMetadataHandler -> turn off SSE exceptions before each call to GetInfoTip (32/64)
29.03.12 Fixed: Background transfer manager: The "+" button allowed to add files from port connection although the latter doesn't support transfers in background (it cannot handle multiple transfers in parallel) (32/64)
29.03.12 Fixed: Synchronize dirs with plugins not creating remote directories if the used plugin only contained the Unicode MkDirW function, e.g. WebDAV (32/64)
29.03.12 Fixed: Pack with password: Password confirmation dialog could be confirmed with ENTER even if the two passwords didn't match (64)
29.03.12 Fixed: Command md foldername with space at end in the command line (e.g. from Ctrl+Enter) unintentionally created dirs with space at end. Use double quotes to create such dirs (64)
28.03.12 Fixed: Hotkeys in dialog not working when focus on certain controls (e.g. checkboxes) when "Punto Switcher" tool was running (64)
28.03.12 Added: Screen readers: Use same GetTextMode options also in multi-rename tool (32/64)
28.03.12 Added: Screen readers: Made GetTextMode=1 (tab-delimited) the default (32/64)
28.03.12 Added: (Experimental): wcx_ftp.ini, SpecialFlags option, new value 2048: Duplicate all characters with code #255 for servers expecting Telnet-style escape characters (32/64)
27.03.12 Fixed: Unpacking multiple archives to protected dir with Alt+F9 -> elevation dialog was shown only as an icon in the task bar (reason: TC window was given as parent instead of progress dialog) (32/64)
27.03.12 Fixed: Unpacking RAR archive with Alt+F9 didn't pass user-specified switches to external RAR (e.g. -kb to keep broken files) (32/64)
25.03.12 Fixed: "Copy dir timestamps" was copying wrong timestamp when copying a folder with multiple subfolders (32/64)
20.03.12 Fixed: No thousands separators were shown in copy progress dialog for number of copied files and their size (32/64)
20.03.12 Fixed: Button bar: Do not show triangle overlay for buttons with command "OPENBAR" when "minimized" is checked. Leave out "OPENBAR" to show .bar file as menu (32/64)
20.03.12 Fixed: Button bar: Right click on button: Function "Edit linked button bar" not working when using command OPENBAR (32/64)
20.03.12 Fixed: Crash on Ctrl+PgDn or Ctrl+Q on EXE smaller than 2.5 kBytes trying to detect it as an archive (64)
20.03.12 Fixed: Crash on Alt+F1/F2 in some rare cases (64)
20.03.12 Fixed: The breadcrumb bar could not be closed with a click outside if a subdirectory was opened and closed with the keyboard (32/64)
20.03.12 Fixed: Workaround to Windows 8 bug (failure to launch any EXE files from a directory which is a hard link to some other directory) by resolving the hard links before launching (32/64)
20.03.12 Fixed: Detect Windows 8 also in system info dialog (32/64)

16.03.12 Release Total Commander 8.0 public beta 23 (32/64)
16.03.12 Fixed: Do not create names longer than 259 characters in multi-rename tool with LongNameCopy=3 (=long names disallowed) (32/64)
16.03.12 Added: HideRemovableNoMedia now also works in dialog "Drive not found!" (value: 2) and Search - Drives (value: 4) (32/64)
15.03.12 Fixed: Tip window with panel width percentage value was not removed when invoking the split panel from the outside (32/64)
15.03.12 Fixed: Starting totalcmd with parameter /S=L and clicking on "Cancel" kept the program running in the background (64)
15.03.12 Fixed: FTP logging not working if normal file logging was disabled (32/64)
14.03.12 Fixed: Button with parameter creating list file (e.g. %L) used with %Z within an archive returned path inside the archive twice (32/64)
14.03.12 Fixed: Button with parameter %Z%p or %Z%m used within an archive returned path without archive name (32/64)
14.03.12 Fixed: Button with parameter %Z%N, %Z%M, %Z%R or %Z%S used within an archive returned file name(s) with relative path inside the archive (32/64)
14.03.12 Fixed: Text labels in FTP toolbar had wrong colors after turning XP background on and off in Configuration - Options - Layout, but only with drive button bar turned off (64)
13.03.12 Fixed: When renaming a file in file system plugin failed, the resulting error dialog wasn't modal (32/64)
13.03.12 Fixed: Failed to read NTFS timestamps from RAR archives (just the DOS timestamps were read), so no odd seconds were supported (64)
09.03.12 Fixed: Do not update target for each archive when packing (moving) each selected dir to a separate ZIP archive (32/64)
09.03.12 Fixed: Ctrl+F5 (reverse search direction) not working in Lister (64)
09.03.12 Fixed: Set CheckUsbHdd=0 in wincmd.ini if the check whether a harddisk is connected externally takes longer than half a second, and the user hasn't set CheckUsbHdd=1 manually (32/64)
08.03.12 Fixed: Icon thread (used to load icons and calculate dir size in background) may stop when adding files to background transfer manager (32/64)
07.03.12 Fixed: Unicode names in ZIP and RAR files not decoded correctly (due to bug in Free Pascal) (64)
07.03.12 Fixed: When packing each selected file/folder to a separate archive, the selection was no longer cleared after packing (32/64)
07.03.12 Fixed: When packing with option RemovableInTemp=1 and the user aborts the copying of the new ZIP from TEMP, allow user to continue copying. Erase partial ZIP when aborting (new zip in TEMP is not deleted) (32/64)
07.03.12 Fixed: Installing a plugin twice in the same session didn't find the previous installation if the existing plugin path contained an environment variable (64)
06.03.12 Fixed: Wrong text color in inplace rename edit box in synchronize directories (file list text color instead of system text color) (32/64)
06.03.12 Fixed: Synchronize dirs and compare by content could not handle names longer than 259 characters due to length limit in edit box (64)
06.03.12 Fixed: Support copying of directories with spaces at the end (32/64)
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Total Commander 8.0 RC 1


27.04.12 Release Total Commander 8.0 release candidate 1 (32/64)
25.04.12 Added: SelectionFocus=1 or color: Draw focus differently when there are selected files in that panel. Add $4000000 to only show when on not selected item (32/64)
25.04.12 Fixed: Unpacking file from multi-volume ZIP: Don't ask for disk change if the file is in the last part, which contains the zip central directory (32/64)
25.04.12 Fixed: Files - Change attributes: Date field was not focused when checking option "Change date/time" with the keyboard shortcut (64)
25.04.12 Fixed: The program msdvev.exe was incorrectly detected as a self-extracting LHA archive (32/64)
24.04.12 Fixed: Do not re-read active panel (e.g. from background operation) during Ctrl+Tab operation, when user switches through folder tabs (32/64)
24.04.12 Fixed: Multi-rename tool: Text in "Rename mask: File name" box wasn't always selected when opening the dialog (32)
24.04.12 Fixed: Windows 8: Do not resolve links pointing to other volumes in the form "\\?\Volume{" (when double clicking on file, see fix 20.03.12 below) (32/64)
24.04.12 Added: AppendLnk ini option: New value 2 (now the default) sets the behaviour described below. Set to 0 for behaviour as in TC7.x (32/64)
24.04.12 Fixed: When creating *.lnk files, do not truncate directory names after first dot, e.g. directory.ext -> directory.ext.lnk (32/64)
24.04.12 Fixed: OPENBAR command: Support double quotes around parameter (.bar file), do not show "As administrator" (32/64)
24.04.12 Fixed: Handle OPENBAR command in button bar the same way as when specifying the .bar name directly (including "as menu" option and overlay) (32/64)
24.04.12 Fixed: Could no longer close Synchronize dirs after comparing two files (one in a RAR), changing both, and re-packing (32/64)
24.04.12 Fixed: While a MessageBox was open in Lister or Compare by Content, TAB didn't work in TC, and ESC in other Lister windows -> handle it manually (32)
15.04.12 Fixed: Lister: When searching repeatedly for the same string with Ctrl+F (not F3), directly consecutive patterns were skipped (32/64)
15.04.12 Fixed: Improved layout of multi-rename tool a bit (64)
15.04.12 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Could no longer delete files from UAC-protected dirs to recycle bin (reason: deletion per folder) (32/64)
15.04.12 Fixed: Verify checksums: ESC closed the dialog without aborting the verification (64)
15.04.12 Fixed: Verify checksums: Crashed when user closed main TC and ignored warning about active comparison (64)
15.04.12 Fixed: Nag dialog: Some texts were now in bold by mistake (64)
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ocemo li decekati final version
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Total Cmd 8.0 RC 2

Download 32 and 64 bit

11.05.12 Release Total Commander 8.0 release candidate 2 (32/64)
11.05.12 Fixed: Configuration dialog was opened twice when launching TC with ini location read only and 0 byte (or no) ini (64)
08.05.12 Fixed: Do not call SHFileOperation with names longer than 259 characters (to delete to recycle bin), because it always fails, and may even cause an access violation on Windows Server 2003 (32/64)
08.05.12 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Empty directories were not deleted when deleting to recycle bin (32/64)
06.05.12 Fixed: Main window, bottom buttons: Refresh problem on Ctrl+F2 when using classic theme (64)
06.05.12 Fixed: Ctrl+D - Add current directory didn't support tabstops in folder names when adding dir to subfolder (32/64)
06.05.12 Fixed: Enter (and ESC in 32-bit version) didn't work in inplace rename edit when a MessageBox was open in Lister. Unfortunately the beep cannot be avoided (32/64)
06.05.12 Fixed: Configuration - Options - Colors: Center color comboxes vertically to ">>" button (32/64)
06.05.12 Fixed: Configuration - Options - Colors: Foreground color combobox had wrong height (32)
06.05.12 Fixed: Connection progress dialog (FTP) couldn't be closed if the connection failed (64)
06.05.12 Fixed: Default beep on first opening (with fresh wincmd.ini) of multi-rename tool (32)
03.05.12 Fixed: "Copy NTFS Permissions" was missing in F5 copy dialog when the Netware client was installed (32)
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Total Cmd 8.0 final


23.05.12 Release Total Commander 8.0 final (32/64)
23.05.12 Fixed: Compare by content: Split display of very long lines into chunks of 2000 characters instead of 8000 because of a bug in some display drivers (32/64)
22.05.12 Fixed: Re-read drive button bar when restoring TC from the task bar and a drive was added/removed while minimized (64)
20.05.12 Fixed: Search on FTP server wasn't aborted when the user clicked Abort just while a directory list was downloaded (32/64)
20.05.12 Fixed: Right click context menu: Wait up to 5 seconds (instead of just two) for tcmdx64/tcmdx32 to start, also reduced minimum start time (32/64)
20.05.12 Fixed: Second drive panel removed with cm_VisTwoDriveButtons while cursor in right window -> drive panel showed wrong active drive (32/64)
20.05.12 Fixed: New delete function to recycle bin (VistaDelete): Let the user abort the initial conversion of the names to OLE objects, which can take a long time with many selected files (32/64)
20.05.12 Fixed: Configuration - Options - Color: Use same font (SYSTEM_FONT) as in 32-bit version (64)
20.05.12 Fixed: Find files: Feed to listbox while quick view was shown -> quick view wasn't always showing the new file under the cursor (32/64)
20.05.12 Fixed: Dialog box "Commands" - "System Information" didn't support accented characters in printer name, user name etc. (64)
16.05.12 Fixed: Windows 8: Do not resolve links pointing to other volumes in the form "\??\Volume{" either
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Total Cmd 8.01 final


03.08.12 Release Total Commander 8.01 final (32/64)
03.08.12 Fixed: The entry "Network (workgroup)" was shown with user color for encrypted files (32/64)
02.08.12 Fixed: Inplace rename button wasn't removed after entering inaccessible network path in current path field (32/64)
31.07.12 Fixed: Click on button in second row of button bar which opens bar as submenu multiple times -> pressed state sometimes not removed (32/64)
31.07.12 Fixed: Workaround to faulty CAB unpack dll on Linux with Wine passing unaligned FDINOTIFICATION structure to callback (64)
31.07.12 Fixed: Lister: Could not search for English text in file encoded with ISO-2022-JP (50220). Displayed position, copy to clip are unfortunately wrong (32/64)
31.07.12 Fixed: Copying a folder with Shift+F5 didn't remove trailing spaces entered by the user (32/64)

27.07.12 Release Total Commander 8.01 release candidate 5 (32/64)
27.07.12 Fixed: New 64-bit install.exe which also works on Linux with Wine, also with faulty CAB unpack dll (64)
27.07.12 Added: Multi-rename tool: New placeholder [A] inserts complete file name with extension, but without the path (32/64)
27.07.12 Fixed: TC8 not starting on Windows NT4 with AMD Sempron - problem with turning off SSE exceptions (use try..except to catch) (32)
25.07.12 Fixed: Pack (ZIP,TAR,Plugin) from Search - Feed to listbox to packer plugin -> include the same file only once, e.g. if the user selects c:\test1\ and c:\test1\test2\ with files in the latter (32/64)
25.07.12 Fixed: Internal associations: When multiple files of different types are selected, handle default "open" verb like in older versions: Each file will be opened with its own program (first matching filter for that program), and not the first matching all files as for additional verbs (32/64)
24.07.12 Fixed: Make it faster to use the following internal content plugin fields: tc.fullname, tc.name, tc.extension and tc.path (by not calling FindFirstFile again) (32/64)
24.07.12 Fixed: Tab context menu didn't react to right mouse button click on a menu item (32/64)
24.07.12 Fixed: Upload to FTP server: MFMT was sending wrong timestamp when using the new (Windows 7) time conversion from/to UTC (32/64)
24.07.12 Fixed: Rare crash in compare by content on Backspace or Undo operation (in wstrlcopy function) (32/64)
24.07.12 Fixed: Directory history and hotlist buttons were shown in the wrong location when starting TC with no button bar, non-flat interface, and no tabs (32/64)
19.07.12 Fixed: Disable target panel while adding files to background transfer manager, so the user cannot set the focus to it, e.g. by changing tabs on the target side (32/64)
19.07.12 Fixed: Do not show "Network (WORKGROUP)" in breadcrumb bar (32/64)

13.07.12 Release Total Commander 8.01 release candidate 4 (32/64)
13.07.12 Fixed: Alt+Shift+F11 cm_FocusButtonbar and cursor keys within button bar: Handle special case where the first and/or last button is a separator (32/64)
13.07.12 Fixed: Changed tcmdx64.exe so it can also be used with TC 8.00 in search results context menu without causing a crash (32)
11.07.12 Fixed: When opening a subdirectory, set caret to first item before adding the new items to the list to avoid a duplicate cursor on Linux/Wine (64)
11.07.12 Added: Internal associations: When context menu is opened while multiple file types are selected, check more filters if the first doesn't match all files, e.g. *.c doesn't match, but *.c *.h further down matches all selected files (32/64)
11.07.12 Fixed: Removed: Default beep on ENTER in inplace rename box (64)
10.07.12 Fixed: Edit current path: Avoid that the in place edit box gets invoked twice (32/64)
10.07.12 Fixed: New delete function: Also hide "Pause" button so the user doesn't pause the operation with Del+Enter (32/64)
10.07.12 Fixed: Also adjust the width of the text field in FTP delete confirmation dialog for very long names with no spaces (32/64)
08.07.12 Added: Experimental: wincmd.ini [Configuration] NetHoodReadInfo=8: Windows Vista/7: Use new delayed method to read virtual network folders, to make it faster (all except for the network neighborhood) (32/64)

06.07.12 Release Total Commander 8.01 release candidate 3 (32/64)
06.07.12 Fixed: Edit comment with Ctrl+Z: Comment was not shown in comment view (Ctrl+Shift+F2) (64)
05.07.12 Fixed: Command line: Command del *.bak did nothing when in a path without spaces but with '&' in a folder name (32/64)
05.07.12 Fixed: OK/CRC ERROR prefix was sometimes missing in CRC check dialog (64)
05.07.12 Fixed: Cursor in right panel, quick view in left, move panel separator -> cursor switched to left panel (32/64)
04.07.12 Fixed: Change current path: Put rename confirmation button outside of the current path field to avoid drawing errors (32/64)
04.07.12 Fixed: Remove inplace rename box when the user moves the divider between the two panels, just like when resizing the main window (32/64)
03.07.12 Fixed: Synchronize dirs: Work with FTP servers returning relative instead of absolute path like SwiFTP, e.g. "mnt/sdcard" instead of "/mnt/sdcard" (32/64)
03.07.12 Fixed: Problems with cursor left/right in inplace rename edit (64)
03.07.12 Fixed: Ctrl+Q on file in thumbnails view would scroll the file out of view if number of thumbnail columns changed (32/64)
03.07.12 Fixed: Internal command cm_editpath was causing an access violation with rename confirmation button enabled (32/64)
03.07.12 Fixed: Text field in FTP delete confirmation dialog wasn't adjusted to fit longer file names (32/64)

29.06.12 Release Total Commander 8.01 release candidate 2 (32/64)
29.06.12 Fixed: Synchronize with FTP: Couldn't always abort the reading of the remote directories (64)
29.06.12 Fixed: Alternate NTFS data streams were not copied when using the old default or large file copy method (64)
28.06.12 Fixed: Menu bar not drawn correctly themed when taking 2 or more lines (64)
28.06.12 Fixed: Speed up CRC check function: improved parsing of checksum file, update result list only every 100 ms (32/64)
28.06.12 Fixed: Standalone synchronize dirs not working (crashing) with FTP (connection stored in normal sync, then launched with /S=S:stored_config) (32/64)
28.06.12 Fixed: Ignore double click in Configuration - Options - Custom columns when the list is empty (64)
27.06.12 Fixed: Single click not working after double clicking in the listbox in Configuration - Options - Custom columns and closing it with ESC (64)
27.06.12 Fixed: Up/Down arrow key in inplace rename field would close the rename field by mistake (64)
27.06.12 Fixed: Abort current copy operation in background transfer manager with "-" button -> next operation in list was aborted too (32/64)
27.06.12 Fixed: Footer with total file count sometimes not updated after selecting with Shift+Home or Shift+End (64)
27.06.12 Fixed: Quick search backwards in compare by contents: There wasn't always a beep when nothing was found (32/64)
27.06.12 Fixed: Couldn't find text in Unicode big endian files with Alt+F7, except when using "case sensitive" search (32/64)
27.06.12 Fixed: Drive panel width too small with two drive panels and two panels above each other (64)
27.06.12 Added: Show inplace rename confirmation button also in current dir bar (32/64)
27.06.12 Fixed: Rename path in separate tree, turn off separate tree -> access violation (32)
26.06.12 Fixed: Multi-rename tool: Controls were not sized correctly on initial start (32)
26.06.12 Fixed: Use unrar dll 3.80 as unrar9x.dll because the newer one only worked on Windows 98/ME (32)
26.06.12 Fixed: Crash on Windows 9x when trying to open the command line history, caused by auto-complete (32)
26.06.12 Fixed: Auto-install plugins: Find old plugin location also when installing 64bit or combined plugin while only 32-bit plugin is installed (64)

22.06.12 Release Total Commander 8.01 release candidate 1 (32/64)
22.06.12 Fixed: Tab tooltips (hints) not shown in right panel with Ctrl+Tab (64)
20.06.12 Fixed: Themes off maximize, minimize, insert flash drive, restore -> drive buttonbar may be drawn without background (program behind shining through) (64)
17.06.12 Fixed: Find files: Click on title bar close button during search closed window at the end of the search. Instead, just abort the search (32/64)
15.06.12 Fixed: When closing inplace rename with ENTER, the rename function was called twice by mistake in plugins (64)
15.06.12 Fixed: Delete to recycle bin wasn't logged (32/64)
12.06.12 Fixed: Separate tree: Some folders may get wrong icons when tree is auto-expanded initially (32/64)
12.06.12 Fixed: Drive buttonbar: Catch exception when trying to load drive bitmaps from external dll with incompatible format (64)
12.06.12 Fixed: File system plugins with custom icons loaded in background: Re-submit icons for extraction when using quick filter while icons are still being extracted (32/64)
12.06.12 Fixed: When deleting with VistaDelete method, disable the Cancel button in the progress dialog for 2 seconds, so Del+Enter doesn't immediately cancel the operation (32/64)
12.06.12 Fixed: After deleting folder in separate tree, the main file lists were sometimes not updated (32/64)
12.06.12 Fixed: Deleting a folder in the separate tree sometimes didn't work properly: nothing was deleted when cursor further down than the active panel had entries (32/64)
11.06.12 Fixed: Draw text labels with double buffering to reduce flickering with classic theme, e.g. in copy progress dialog (32/64)
07.06.12 Fixed: Configuration dialog: Do not show alias named "RedirectSection", and do not allow the user to create it (32/64)
07.06.12 Fixed: No custom sound was played when the delete operation using the new VistaDelete method was complete (32/64)
07.06.12 Fixed: Two RAR self-extracting files open, one in each panel, edit file in one, re-pack -> other file empty (only if the size of the two unpack modules is different) (32/64)
07.06.12 Fixed: When uploading while TC is in background, do not try to bring it to the front when refreshing the target directory (call Visible:=true; instead of Show (64)
06.06.12 Fixed: Windows Vista/7: Call IThumbnailProvider->GetThumbnail first in thumbs mode, because the older IExtractImage image isn't supported by some programs (32/64)
06.06.12 Fixed: If user account control disabled on Windows Vista/7 and user works as restricted user, use XP "As admin" method (asking for admin user name) (32/64)
06.06.12 Fixed: Right click on file within search results or on current drive/path, choose "Configure" in x64/x32 submenu -> error about nothing selected was shown (32/64)
06.06.12 Fixed: Right click on file within search results (NOT after "feed to listbox"!) -> x64/x32 submenu wasn't working (32/64)
06.06.12 Fixed: Custom columns: maximum length of column title strings was erroneously limited to 259 characters instead of the supported 1023 in the column editor (32/64)
06.06.12 Fixed: Compare by content, search twice with Shift+F3 could result in an error or crash due to invalid search offset (32/64)
03.06.12 Fixed: Could not browse TAR archive containing an entry "/" (root folder) -> skip it (32/64)
03.06.12 Fixed: FTP downloads not working on Windows 9x/ME (access violation due to missing function CharPrevW) (32)
03.06.12 Fixed: TC8 not starting on Windows 95 and 95b (problem with turning off SSE exceptions) (32)
01.06.12 Fixed: Cursor not shown after launching some programs (e.g. Word, Wordview) via double click and closing it -> call open function with delay (64)
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